Textures: Waving Leaves and Water

Forests in real life give off the atmosphere of life: sonorous voices of birds, running animals and rustling of leaves. It is  not possible to implement all this in Minecraft , but the textures Waving Leaves and Water will try to touch at least the last point mentioned.



1️⃣  Now all plants, trees and flowers  will get a waving animation. This will add realism to almost any terrain in a blocky world . Textures can be used even on weak devices without losing frames per second.



2️⃣ Plant List:

  • Vine
  • Sugarcane
  • Tall fern
  • Fern
  • High grass
  • Grass
  • All leaves except the jungle
  • Melon and pumpkin stalks
  • All cultures
  • Hellish growth
  • Sea grass
  • Tall sea grass
  • Flowers
  • Saplings
  • Grass
  • Water lily
  • Bushes
  • Downworld Plants



3️⃣ Plants are divided into two parts with different animations. This is due to the settings of the game itself and the functions of various blocks



4️⃣  Now it is possible to select and customize animations as in the screenshot below:





Textures work on version 1.16.200 and higher.
How to set textures can be found:  HERE 

🌼 Download textures: waving-leaves-and-water-4_2.mcpack (90 Загрузок)

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