Textures: ULTIMATE Ores

ULTIMATE Ores Textures allow you to change the appearance of ore in the caves of Minecraft. Now they will look much better: there are three types of ore available at once to choose from. You can set the frame, so that the blocks were more visible, change the type to ore from the 1.17 and to the insert frame. You can leave the usual look if you want it.



1️⃣ Block List:

  • Ancient wreckage
  • Diamond ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Downworld Gold Ore
  • Coal ore
  • Emerald ore
  • Quartz
  • Redstone
  • Iron ore
  • Lapis lazuli



2️⃣ Ore from 1.17 with frames:



3️⃣ Ore from 1.17 Unframed:



4️⃣ Classic Ore with Frames:



5️⃣ Classic Ore:





Textures work on version and higher.
How to set textures can be found:  HERE 

⛏ Download textures: oretextures.mcaddon (218 Загрузок)

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