Texture: Elytra Models

With Elytra Models textures,  players will be able to try on new types of elytra to surprise their friends and enjoy a new type of elytraThe choice is available a variety of options elytrastarting with bee wings and ending with a rocket launcher.



1️⃣ Bee Wings, Bicycle, Jetpack, Demon Wings, and Black Cloak:



2️⃣ Alien ship, angel wings, paper plane, phantom wings, and dragon wings:



3️⃣ Base Lightyear Wings and Rocket:



4️⃣ Entering the texture settings:



5️⃣ Choice of Elytra Wings:





The mod works on version 1.16 and higher.
How to install the mod can be found: HERE

🗿 Download mod: elytramodels3_1.mcpack (116 Загрузок)

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