Texture: Axolotl beds

This texture pack adds an Axolotl on the bed. If you wanna see the Axolotl on your bed, you can use this texture pack.
NOTICE: If you want to update the Axolotls colors, you need to be off Minecraft and open it again when you have chosen the color.


1️⃣ Blue Axolotl


2️⃣ Pink Axolotl


3️⃣ Cyan Axolotl


4️⃣ Yellow Axolotl


5️⃣ Brown Axolotl



Textures work on version 1.17 and higher.
How to set textures can be found:  HERE 

⚽️ Download textures: axolotl-beds.mcpack (162 Загрузки)

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