Shaders: Capricorn PE

Shaders  Capricorn PE — got a lot of functions that will make the blocky world better, but at the same time they will not create slowdowns or lags . It is recommended to use shaders only on weak devices, since they are quite simple, but very realistic.




    • Coloring the light of the lights
    • Living shadows
    • Waves in the oceans
    • Swaying plants
    • Living light of the sun
    • Light at night and day
    • Renewed sky
    • New color palette
    • Thick fog
    • Shadows from the sides of the block
    • Heavy rain
    • Autoexposure





Shaders works on version 1.16 and higher.
How to install shaders can be found: HERE 

🍎 Download shaders: cpes-2_8-v2_8_0.mcpack (404 Загрузки)

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