Shaders: Capricon PE

Capricorn PE shaders — got a lot of functions that will make the blocky world better, but at the same time they will not create slowdowns or lags.
It is recommended to use shaders only on weak devices, since they are quite simple, but very realistic 🕌.




  • Staining the light of a torch.
  • Realistic shadow.
  • Wavy and moving water.
  • Waving plants.
  • Realistic sunlight.
  • Day and night light.
  • The sky is twisted.
  • Tonemap coloring.
  • Fog
  • Nether code.
  • Block side shadows.
  • Rain Effect
  • Saturation
  • Auto Exposure



The shaders works on version 1.16.210 and higher.
How to install the shaders you can find: HERE

🖼 Download texture: cpes-2_8.mcpack (280 Загрузок)

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