The developers have released the full version of Minecraft on Android. Added the use of dyes on the plates and fixed 64 errors.


1️⃣ Color plates:
With the help of dyes, you can decorate the text on the plates


2️⃣ All the most important fixes:

  • Fixed crashes from the game
  • Fixed a crash when trying to rename the map on the anvil
  • Fixed a crash when entering the portal to the Lower World
  • Fixed the appearance of the fog in the Lower World
  • Players with Visitor rights lose their inventory when they die
  • Fixed a bug that caused Drowned People to hold the trident backwards during the attack
  • Fixed the swing of the Drowned Man’s hands when throwing the trident
  • Mobs now hold the shield in their left hand
  • Enabled the «Find Friends» button on Xbox
  • Fixed a bug that made all the players look like Steve





🍔 Download 1.16.220: minecraft-1-16-220-02.apk (126 Загрузок)





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