Mod: The Multidimension

The Multidimension mod  adds 4 new dimensions to the Minecraft world . In each of them , a lot of interesting things await the player , from unusual locations to powerful bosses If you consider yourself an experienced player of the blocky world, then try to deal with the new monsters that await you in the dimensions.



1️⃣ Cave Dimension:

  • Dangerous place, but worth a visit
  • To build a portal, you will need 10 cobblestones and a bucket of lava , which must be poured into one of the corners of the frame
  • В измерении генерируется множество руды, как и спавнеров скелетов-иссушителей, так и пауков
  • Also spawns and boss — Ancient cave spider
    • Health: 700 units
    • Becomes stronger and more tenacious after losing half of its health
    • Attacks like a spider , but can summon lightning and poison
    • Venomous bite
    • Damage: 20
    • Easily kills a player without armor
    • Drop: iron and emerald block



2️⃣ Celestial Dimension:

  • Small space above the clouds
  • The portal is built from 10 units of quartz and by throwing a torch into one of the corners of the frame
  • The biome spawn zombie pigliny , generated temple and a lot of resources
  • Small but interesting location



3️⃣ Temple Measurement:

  • This location does not forgive mistakes
  • The portal is constructed from 10 sandstone blocks and by throwing a flint into the corner of the frame
  • Here cadavers , towers with zimogors spawn and huge temple is generated
  • The temple is guarded by the Mummy Boss
    • Still
    • Shooting shock waves , which are discarded Player
    • Shoots fireballs
    • Health: 600 units
    • Gains a shield after losing half of its health
    • Drop: diamond and iron block



4️⃣ Measurement of ruins:

  • Most dangerous biome
  • To build a portal, you will need 10 stone bricks and throw lapis lazuli into the corner of the frame
  • In the player’s dimension , only the ruins of the former world await
  • The world has become much darker , than was previously
  • Golems will spawn , which fight among themselves and can knock the player into the void
  • Also spawns and Boss Dragon Skeleton
    • More can not fly
    • Health: 800 units
    • Becomes stronger and more tenacious after losing half of its health
    • Summons lightning bolts and explosive bones
    • Extremely fast
    • Damage: 25-30
    • Drop: Netherite Block





The mod works on version 1.16.220 and higher.
How to install the mod can be found: HERE

🦄 Download mod: mc-multidimensions-addon.mcaddon (45 Загрузок)

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