Mod: Zombie Apocalypse

With this mod you will add a real zombie apocalypse to your game. Survival in such a world will be incredibly difficult, so prepare for it properly.

Spawning: The spawn weight for all default zombie types have been increased and other mob types spawn weight have been decreased so you can still get those other drops but you’ll mainly have to deal with zombies.

Hordes; When zombies spawn no matter how far they are (as long as they’re within render distance) they will start making their way towards you forming large hordes while ensuring not too many spawn lagging your game

Mutations; Zombie mutation accrues every 24 in game days and It will only happen within the 5 times, after that the zombies will be at their final form. Mutations Cause Small increase in the zombies stats creating a fun balanced and challenging experience. Mutations are tied to world age so if added to a preexisting world you may not start with the first tier of zombies depending on how much time you’ve played the world.

Zombie Drops; Zombies will drop less rotten flesh and occasionally drop more useful items such as arrows, charcoal, chicken, and more. Zombies will have a small chance of dropping a random piece of enchanted iron gear. And a very small chance of dropping random enchanted diamond gear.

Gear: Zombies will have a increased chance of spawning with gear (armor and weapons) and also have a higher chance of spawning with stronger gear such as iron and diamond armor.


1️⃣ Zombie mutant:

  • Mutates only three times
  • Boss that spawns less often than the rest


2️⃣ Charged zombies

  • Spawns less often than normal
  • Faster than the rest
  • Knows how to climb walls
  • Confuses the player on impact
  • Health: 16 ♥,  Attack: 5,  Speed: 31.


3️⃣ Horde Master:

  • A larger, stronger, but slower version of the zombie
  • Can slow down the player
  • Health: 100 ♥, attack: 9, speed: 18


The mod works on version 1.16 and higher.
How to install the mod can be found: HERE

👱🏻‍♂️ Download mod: TrueZombieApocalypse(B).mcpack (403 Загрузки)

🧒🏻 Download texture: TrueZAP(R).mcpack (227 Загрузок)

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