Mod: The WorldEdit — PC and Mobile

The WorldEdit — PC and Mobile mod   allows you to perform actions on a huge number of blocks in the game. You no longer have to destroy blocks one at a time — you can move or delete entire areas of blocks. This mod is especially useful when changing the landscape on your own server.


1️⃣ The player will be able to fill the space with blocks, or vice versa, remove all blocks from there . All blocks are available, but the author warns that filling with water or lava can lead to bugs. The mod even works with custom blocks from other mods.



  • 2️⃣ Functions:
    • Water filling
    • Air filling
    • Create empty spaces with a frame
    • Creating cylinders
    • The  / function 1up command  will create a block right where the player is (for example, if he is in the air)



3️⃣ In fashion using three blocks. To get them, you need to enter the command /function tool,
Mod uses javascript, so at least one player on the server must be from a computer

  • The first block — to fill the space with air, as soon as you set the required coordinates, you can interact with the block to destroy all the blocks
  • The second block is for adding a border with empty space
  • The third is to set the coordinates, it is used first to set the coordinates of the places you want to change



4️⃣ Hollow structure:



5️⃣ Structure from custom blocks:





The mod works on version 1.12 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🥢 Download mod: worldeditbehaviors.mcpack (67 Загрузок)

🎨 Download textures: worldeditresources.mcpack (45 Загрузок)

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