Mod: The Questcraft

The Questcraft mod is a new Minecraft game mode in  which  players will fight huge giant bosses in order to complete quests and receive valuable rewards for completing tasks. The mod also includes new items and even a new type of workbench.



  • Quests
    • Collectible quests
    • Summon quests



1️⃣ All types of quests are purchased from sellers:



2️⃣  To spawn merchants, you need to find special items that appear in chests or are bought from a traveling merchant.



3️⃣  To receive a reward after completing the quest , a special workbench is used.



4️⃣ The better the quest, the higher the reward:

  • Call quests cause the player to fight with the bosses in the form of the classic evil monsters, but with enhanced features and capabilities



5️⃣ Bosses:

  1. Spider Boss
  2. Steve Boss
  3. Rogue Boss
  4. Cadaver Boss
  5. Skeleton Boss
  6. Zombie Boss



6️⃣ Collectable Quests:
Here the player needs to collect certain things to get a reward.





The mod works on version 1.16.220 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

👤 Download mod: questcraft.mcpack (58 Загрузок)

🌈 Download textures: questcraft-res.mcpack (47 Загрузок)

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