Mod: The  Plenty O ‘Biomes

The  Plenty O ‘Biomes mod will significantly improve the game. M on d includes more than 20 new biomes to block the world, which players will get around and explore. You will find many interesting things in these lands, so prepare yourself well.


  1. Swamp
    • Wet biome with high humidity
    • Directly on the ground there will be cuts with water, blocks of mud, shallow lakes and boulders
  2. Lush desert
    • Hot desert with grass, sand and red sand
    • Trees, cacti and other shrubs also grow here.

  3. Lakes
    • Large open bodies of water
  4. Pasture
    • Plains are biome-like , consisting of many hills with little vegetation
  5. Tropics
    • Large beach made up of grass, sand and palm trees with coconuts
  6. Volcanic Plains (Rare Biome)
    • A hot area of erupting lava geysers and basalt pillars, the surface of which is made of stone, basalt and smoldering stone
    • Geysers can take up to 20 minutes to erupt after loading
  7. Cherry forest
    • Forest biome with cherry trees and many flowers
  8. Black coast
    • The entire surface is composed of black sand
    • Generated near a volcanic biome
  9. Red forest
    • Forest biome with huge sequoias, ferns and bushes
  10. New blocks:

    • Hardened mud
    • Mud
    • Smoldering Stone (emits smoke particles)
    • Coconut
    • Small cactus
    • Lavender flower
    • Cherry blossom leaves
    • Cherry wood
    • Cherry planks
    • Cherry door
    • Jacaranda leaves
    • Jacaranda wood
    • Jacaranda boards
    • Jacaranda door





The mod works on version 1.16.200 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🌺 Download mod: plenty-o-biomes-v1_0-bp.mcaddon (165 Загрузок)

🌈 Download textures: plenty-o-biomes-v1_0-rp.mcaddon (127 Загрузок)

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