Mod: The Pancakes Gravity Gun

The Pancakes Gravity Gun mod  adds a gravity gun  — a special weapon that can make any mob rise into the air. It will be extremely difficult to get such a gun , but after obtaining it, the player will cope with almost any mob in Minecraft.



1️⃣  You can hold up to 4 mobs at the same time



2️⃣ for crafting will require 6 iron blocks and star of the Underworld. Therefore, creating weapons will be expensive. Item durability — 2000 units. For each second of the rise of mobs, the cannon loses one unit of durability





The mod works on version 1.16.200 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🔫 Download mod: gravitygun.mcaddon (87 Загрузок)

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