Mod: The Ore Flowers

The Ore Flowers mod allows you to do unusual things with plants  in Minecraft. Now they will all turn to ore. Naturally, this slightly upsets the balance of the game, but fans of high-speed passage will appreciate this mod.



1️⃣ Regular flowers:

  • Spawn naturally around the world
  • The charcoal flower is the most common
  • Diamond Flower — Rare
  • Lapis lazuli, iron, and  gold flower — extremely rare
  • Emerald — Standard Spawn Chance



2️⃣ Downworld Flowers:

  • Spawn only in the Lower World
  • Ender Pearl — Rare Item
  • Fire Rod Flower — Uncommon
  • Quartz flower
  • Netherite Flower — Extremely Rare



3️⃣ To get the necessary materials, you need to put the extracted flowers in the workbench and get things





The mod works on version and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🌼 Download mod: ore_flowers.mcaddon (26 Загрузок)

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