Mod: The More Wands

The More Wands mod adds 9 different types of wands  to Minecraft to make survival easier for the player. Available rods for applications in battle, so also for other activities: for example, one of the wands calls zombies, and the otherprovides an underwater breathing. Each of them has its own unique abilities.



1️⃣ Slime Rod:

  • Gives the effect of jump, speed, and slow fall



2️⃣ Healing Rod:

  • Gives regeneration and an increase in health by 13 hearts



3️⃣ Underwater Wand:

  • Allows you to breathe underwater



4️⃣ Ender Pearl Rod:

  • Shoots Ender Pearls and allows you to move quickly



5️⃣ Zombie Rod:

  • Spawns a giant zombie, but if you spawn more than one, they will fight among themselves



6️⃣ Fire Rod:

  • Shoots small fireballs, dealing 12 damage each and setting enemies on fire



7️⃣ Food Wand:

  • Fills the bar of hunger



8️⃣ Rod of Lightning:

  • Strikes all nearby mobs with lightning , even the player himself , but with protection from fire



9️⃣ Loot Wand:

  • Extracts blocks in an area of 3 by 3 blocks





The mod works on version 1.16.220 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🥢 Download mod: wandsaddon-beh.mcaddon (Одна Загрузка)

🎨 Download textures: wandsaddon-res.mcaddon (54 Загрузки)

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