Mod: The Handcuffs Players

The Handcuffs Players mod adds handcuffs to the game , with the help of which players will be able to shackle each other. This mod will be a good addition for survival maps, for realism  with RP elements .


1️⃣ How does it work?
Pick up handcuffs and point to the player, which you want to chain. After that, you need to use a long press — then the player will receive the key. To remove the handcuffs, you need to hit the player with the keys on the legs — then his camera will be free. If you hit again, the character is completely free.



2️⃣ Handcuffs:

  • 3 iron nuggets and 2 iron ingots



3️⃣ Key:

  • 1 iron nugget and 1 iron ingot



4️⃣ Leash:

  • 4 strings and slime



5️⃣ Option to fix bugs:
Use this item if the mod starts to slow down or frequent chat messages will come out





The mod works on version and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🐾 Download mod: handcuffs_players.mcaddon (108 Загрузок)

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