Mod: The Giantspider Boss

The  Giantspider Boss mod  adds an ancient creature in the form of a giant spider, which is capable of killing all living things in its path, people dug it out at random.


1️⃣  How does it work?
To spawn a boss you will need a spawn egg, which can be found in the creative inventory

  • Characteristics:
    • Health: 1500 units
    • Available egg spawn
    • Average damage
    • Boss
    • Uses ranged combat
    • Shoots poison arrows
    • Near radius of sight
    • To spawn, you can use the command inwardwolf: giantspider
    • Use a shield when fighting , otherwise you will get poison
    • Attacks golems and villagers





The mod works on version 1.12 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🐺 Download mod: giantspider_boss_addon_1617185388811.mcaddon (15 Загрузок)

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