Mod: The Custom Death Entities

The Custom Death Entities mod  improves the gameplay with a special feature — the mod will change the animation of the death of mobs  in  Minecraft. When mobs die , a custom death animation will appear . Perhaps this is not the best mod that changes the animation, but one way or another, the developer suggested his own way to improve the game.

The animations for the death of mobs are the same, except for the fish, which will be waiting for their animation in future updates.



  • When death will appear blood
    • It may look disgusting, but it gives realism.




  • After death, the mob has a spirit
    • Don’t worry — the spirit will not haunt the player until he kills himself after violent nightmares
    • The spirit of the mob after death will go to heaven




  • With a halo on their heads, mobs look even cuter




  • Not all hostile mobs received death animations
    • And those who received, at death, will be divided into hits, emit blood and die





The mod works on version 1.16.200 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🌺 Download mod: cde-2021-v2-b.mcpack (78 Загрузок)

🌈 Download textures: cde-2021-v2-r.mcpack (43 Загрузки)

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