Mod: Tameable mob

With the help of this mod, you will be able to tame animals 🐢in your world and be able to have a cool time, because it is interesting.

1️⃣ Features :

  • Mob will become friendly and they also follow you.
  • Some tamed mob will help you fight when you get hurt or hit someone.
  • Ride it by using saddle.
  • Attach chest on mob.
  • Heal mob by using bread/golden apple/enchanted apple.
  • You can use the command /function tamelist to find the list of tameable mob


😎 Screenhots:


2️⃣ How tame mob:

  • Cave Spider (Tame with spider eye)
  • Spider (Tame with spider eye)
  • Husk (Tame with rotten flesh)
  • Zombie (Tame with rotten flesh)
  • Drowned (Tame with rotten flesh)
  • Ravager (Tame with diamond)
  • Witch (Tame with glass bottle)
  • Skeleton (Tame with bone)
  • Stray (Tame with bone)
  • Wither Skeleton (Tame with bone)
  • Iron Golem (Tame with iron nugget)
  • Snow golem (Tame with snowball)
  • Shulker (Tame with shulker shell)
  • Silverfish (Tame with apple)
  • Endermite (Tame with apple)
  • Vindicator (Tame with iron axe)
  • Pillager (Tame with crossbow)
  • Guardian (Tame with prismarine shard)
  • Elder Guardian (Tame with prismarine shard)
  • Evoker (Tame with emerald)
  • Wither (Tame with netherstar)
  • Creeper (Tame with gunpowder)
  • Hoglin (Tame with raw/cooked porkchop)
  • Zoglin (Tame with raw/cooked porkchop)
  • Piglin (Tame with gold nugget)
  • Piglin brute (Tame with gold nugget)
  • Blaze (Tame with blaze powder)


The mod works on version 1.16 and higher.
How to install the mod can be found: HERE

🦗 DOWNLOAD: tameable-mob-addon.mcpack (200 Загрузок)

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