Mod: Pick Up & Carry

With the help of the Pick Up & Carry mod, players will be able to drag any entity from one place to another. This does not use any commands.

To raise an entity , it is necessary that it stands still and does not move. In this case, the player himself should not hold anything in both hands. In addition, the function will not work in water : then the mob will simply fall to the ground.

Naturally, it will be difficult to move with the mob on its back, so the player will receive a slight slowdown. If you start to fall while holding the mob, then the essence will also be released , as in the case of picking up an object.


⬆️ How does it work?
Get as close to the mob or player as possible. Press the sneak and jump buttons at the same time . Likewise, the entity can be omitted.





The mod works on version and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

💺 Download mod: playerpickup.mcaddon (Одна Загрузка)

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