Mod: Lava Netherite

Do you think netherite is the most durable material in Minecraft? After installing the Netherite Lava Tools mod, netherite will appear to be skin. With the help of a special material, you can craft incredibly powerful and durable armor that can stop the attacks of titans. In addition, a new sword will appear, and armor can be enchanted.


It all starts with a small lava netherite ingot, from which all other elements of the expansion will be created in the future. After that, you can start crafting things.


The sword deals 11 points of damage and has infinite durability. In addition, the weapon adds resistance to fire, like all other things made of this material.

Helmet: 650 HP
Chest: 750 HP
Leggings: 700 HP
Boots durability: 700 HP


The mod works on version 1.17 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🍽 Download mod: nlt-v4_bp.mcaddon (365 Загрузок)

🍽 Download texture: nlt-v4_rp.mcaddon (208 Загрузок)

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