Mod: Java Combat

This mod aims to bring the gameplay from the Java version to the pocket version of Minecraft. Most of the gameplay elements from the battles will be changed to better match the PC version. If you are a fan of this mechanic, then use it in your worlds.


It is based on a recharge system: when a player uses a sword, it recharges. If you hit without charging, then the damage will be small, and if you wait, then the strike will be significantly stronger. To do this, a recharge bar will appear on the screen.


Cooldown List

Swords: 0.60
Tridente: 0.90
Any item other than a weapon / tool: 0.25
Hoes: 0.25
Wooden Axe: 1.25
Stone Axe: 1.25
Iron Axe: 1.10
Golden Axe: 1.0
Diamond Axe: 1.0
Netherite Axe: 1.0


1️⃣ Sweeping attack


2️⃣ Critical Hit sound
Critical hit sounds sound like Java


3️⃣ Shield and shield blocking
When using a shield it will not push and you can block for 5 seconds attacking players with the active shield if attacking with an axe
A player with a bloqued shield will look like this


4️⃣Shield Animation


The mod works on version 1.17
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🔪 Download mod: raiyons-java-combat_.mcaddon (454 Загрузки)

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