Mod: INH’s Conveyors

INH’s Conveyors mod is  designed to add new conveyor blocks that will help you develop a variety of mechanisms in Minecraft. In this case, blocks will not be added as entities, and the elements themselves can be obtained even in survival mode. The main purpose of conveyors is to move various objects.

  • Blocks:
    • 4 conveyors for mobs
    • 4 block conveyors
    • 8 lifts

The conveyor moves objects 0.3 blocks in 0.2 seconds, so 1.5 blocks per second. The author made the blocks small so that they could fit into a 1 block hole .





The mod works on version 1.16.220 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🛄 Download mod: conveyors_final_release.mcaddon (70 Загрузок)

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