Mod: Fused’s Falling Leaves

Fused’s Falling Leaves mod adds realism to Minecraft  by introducing leaves falling from trees. The particles have Sophisticated physics and animation, which interacts with the blocks, which are located beneath the trees. Also, the mod has high compatibility with other mods.



1️⃣ Screenshot with crumbling leaves:



2️⃣ Leaves will drop within a 10 block radius of the tree. Each leaf will slowly fall down from the foliage block. Fallen leaves will lie on the block, and if the block is broken, they will fall further. The leaves have a lifespan of 10 seconds to prevent lagging.





The mod works on version and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🍃 Download mod: fuseds-falling-leaves-bp.mcpack (Одна Загрузка)

🎨  Download textures: fuseds-falling-leaves-bp.mcpack (Одна Загрузка)

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