Mod: Food Deco

Another Food Deco mod that aims to improve the interiors of kitchens and dining rooms, as well as add food for subsistence in Minecraft. If you like to improve the design of your rooms and premises in a blocky world, then you must install this mod.



1️⃣ Types of blocks:

  • Wooden plate
  • Wooden bowl
  • Wooden cup
  • Chicken plate
  • Plate with cod
  • Plate with lamb
  • Pork plate
  • Plate with rabbit
  • Salmon plate
  • Steak plate



2️⃣ Food screen:





The mod works on version 1.16.200 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🍽 Download mod: food-deco-by-flamebuilder.mcaddon (93 Загрузки)

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