Mod: Cursed Minecraft Items

Author fashion Cursed Minecraft Items  thought that Maynkraft too ordinary and peace , to be true . So he decided to write a mod to make the blocky world really cursed .



1️⃣  Apple Ingot:

  • Almost the same recipe as for golden apples . The effects are also similar, but slightly weaker



2️⃣  Gold Apple Ingot:

  • Slightly stronger than a golden apple



3️⃣  Enchanted Gold Apple Ingot:

  • Similar to Enchanted Golden Apple, but stronger and longer lasting



4️⃣  Slime and Magma Snacks, and Mushroom Salmon:

  • Slime snack : Disgusting taste with nausea for 7 seconds, but with an increase in jump of 2 for 2 minutes
  • Magma Snack: Sear 2 for 2 seconds and Resist Fire for 2 minutes
  • Mushroom Salmon: Terrible taste of hunger and nausea 4 for 5 seconds, but with underwater breathing for 2 minutes



5️⃣  Burnt Diamond and Burnt Diamond Sword:

  • Burnt diamond:  Don’t Do It
  • Burnt Diamond Sword: Weaker than a regular diamond sword, so it’s up to you to craft it or not



6️⃣  Reverse sword:

  • These swords do less damage and are crafted in the easiest way.



7️⃣  All reverse swords:





The mod works on version 1.16.100 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🍎 Download mod: curseditemsbp.mcpack (73 Загрузки)

🥋 Download textures: curseditemsrp.mcpack (59 Загрузок)

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