Mod: Creators tools

This mod is designed specifically for those who log into Minecraft to create incredible things. Build adds many features to help you quickly navigate terrain, copy and paste locations, and even rotate blocks. All this happens without entering any commands.


1️⃣ Review:
These items can be found in equipment category and they all have enchantment glint:


2️⃣ Copy/Paste:
Use tool with hoe texture on block and it will copy it.
Use another hoe to paste.


3️⃣ Remove Blocks:
This tool will remove all blocks in certain radius:


4️⃣ Drain
Use this enchanted bucket on block and it will drain area nearby:


5️⃣ Debug Stick
This stick can be used to rotate blocks.
You might need to sneak to rotate blocks with which you can interact.



The mod works on version 1.17 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🐭 Download mod: ct_bp.mcpack (476 Загрузок)

🦊 Download texture: ct_rp.mcpack (245 Загрузок)

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