Mod: Crazy Tools

This mod adds over 25 new survival tools , ranging from axes , pickaxes , hoes  and ending with a banana with a timer .


1️⃣ All new tools:



2️⃣ Picks:

  • Thick diamond kir ka : Destroy 3 × 3 area around the player when the player breaks the block
  • Heavy Pickaxe: Quickly destroys netherite and obsidian, turns stone to cobble
  • Ice Pick: Picks up all types of ice quickly
  • Pickaxe of Acceleration: When interacting, grants acceleration for a few seconds, but it consumes durability


3️⃣ Axes:

  • Kirktopor: Both an ax and a pickaxe, but both functions are poorly performed
  • Fire Ax: Quickly chops all types of wood blocks such as planks, chests, etc.


4️⃣ Shovels:

  • Snow Shovel: Quickly removes snow
  • Pirate Shovel: Quickly extracts sand


5️⃣ Hoe and Brick Breaker :

  • Reinforced Hoe: Covers an area of ​​3 × 3 blocks
  • Brick Breaker: Quickly breaks bricks


6️⃣ Feathers:

  • Dash: Gives speed for 1 second, with a 10 second cooldown
  • Jump: Launches the player into the air, and imposes a slow fall, with a 10 second cooldown


7️⃣ Keys:

  • Key of Invincibility: Disables fall, fire and drowning damage
  • Phantom Key: Disables phantom spawning


8️⃣ Vacuum cleaners:

  • Mob Vacuum Cleaner: Sucks up all mobs within 30 blocks
  • Item Vacuum Cleaner: Sucks up all items and XP within 20 blocks


9️⃣ Other tools:

  • Pearl Sniper: Teleports the player wherever he is looking
  • Syringe : Restores Gamer’s Health
  • Snorkel: Allows the player to breathe underwater
  • Roadmaster: Pave the 3 × 3 road where the player goes
  • Ore Improver Upgrades ore to ore blocks
  • Mower: Destroys all nearby tall grass and flowers
  • Light Scatter: Places blocks of light
  • Effectorizer: Grants all nearby players and mobs a random effect


🔟 Banana Timer:

  • Allows you to travel forward in time



The mod works on version 1.16.200 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🍎 Download Mod: spyderrocks-crazy-tools-beh.mcpack (152 Загрузки)

🥋 Download textures: spyderrocks-crazy-tools-res.mcpack (115 Загрузок)

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