Mod: Chaos Thirst

Realism in Minecraft  is lost on the little things. For example, why did the developers add hunger dozens of updates ago, and the thirst still has n’t appeared? Water is much more important for human survival, so the author of the Chaos Thirst mod  decided to correct this misunderstanding. In addition, there will be different kinds of fluid to quench their thirst.


1️⃣ Unfortunately, you won’t be able to just drink milk from a bucket or drink from the river — the limitations of the game do not allow you to implement such a function. Therefore, to quench your thirst, you will have to do craft and create delicious drinks on your own. The author added a bottle with water, milk, and even honey.
From the start of the game , the user will have 10 units in the thirst bar. If it reaches 0, then the character will receive the effect of desiccationfor a few seconds. If the character dies, the thirst will not be restored.



2️⃣ Types of liquids:



3️⃣ Cleaned water bottle:

  • For you need to just put a bottle with water in the smokehouse or fire
  • Replenishes 5 points of thirst



4️⃣ Milk bottle:

  • Crafted from 1 milk and 3 glass bottles
  • Replenishes 3 points of thirst and removes effects



5️⃣ Bottle of pasteurized honey:

  • Place the bottle with the honey in the oven, smokehouse, fire or the fire shower
  • Replenishes 3 points of thirst and removes effects





The mod works on version 1.16.200 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

💧 Download mod: chaos_thirst.mcaddon (Одна Загрузка)

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