Mod: Cave Golems

the author of the Golems Dungeons style mod  — there was a desire to combine two modes, namely normal and cave, so that their functionality does not differ from each other . It started with golems , of which there are only two types in normal mode, and much more in the cave mode .


Stone golems will be aggressive towards the player, except for the snow golem, which will be neutral towards the player. Let’s move on to the list of golems and mobs:

  • Ice monster
    • Spawn: icy rivers and oceans at night
    • Larger and larger than others
    • Can slow down
    • Throw blocks
    • Spawn level: any
  • Obsidian Golem
    • Spawn:  all biomes
    • Spawn level: 0-58
    • Spawns on obsidian
  • Netherite Golem
    • Spawn:  Lower World
    • Level Spawn: 0-27
  • Ice golem
    • Spawn:  Ice Spikes, Ice Rivers
    • Spawn level: 4-13
    • Spawns on ice
  • Snow golem
    • Spawn:  Extreme Hills
    • Spawns on stone
  • Cobblestone golem
    • Spawn:  Plains, Deserts, Nether
    • Spawn level: 20-60
    • Spawns on cobblestones
  • Magma Golem
    • Silly monsters
    • Spawn:  Lower and Upper World
  • Mossy Golem
    • Spawn level: 20-60
    • Spawns on mossy cobblestones or bricks
  • Lapis Golem
    • Funny mobs
    • Fast, small and deadly
    • Level spawn: 0-31
    • Spawns on lapis lazuli
  • Ender Golem
    • Spawn:  Edge
    • Teleports








The mod works on version 1.16 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🍎 Download mod: golems_v4.mcaddon (49 Загрузок)

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