Mod: Carnivorous World

Previously, in Minecraft, you could safely walk around the field during the day and not get stuck in trouble. But after installing the Carnivorous World mod, everything will change: once friendly mobs suddenly want to attack users. All animals will now become bloodthirsty killers with new textures and behavior.


1️⃣ Mushroom cow:



2️⃣ Pig:



3️⃣ Sheep:



4️⃣ Horse:



5️⃣ Squid:



6️⃣ Chicken:





The mod works on version and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🐔 Download mod: b-carnivorous.mcpack (23 Загрузки)

🎨  Download textures: r-carnivorous.mcpack (14 Загрузок)

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