Mod: Airplane

Fly with your friends and explore with Airliner. This pack has Jet Airliner with real life liveries, and you can make custom liveries! This add-on has a cool features.

1️⃣ Features:

  • Take off animation (when you fly)
  • Landing anination (when you land)
  • Roll animation (when you turn on air)
  • Turn animation (when you turn on ground)
  • Door animation (when has rider)
  • Idle enginesound (when you idling)
  • Move enginesound (when you moving on ground)
  • Fly enginesound (when you fly)
  • Engine smoke (if you can see it)
  • ATC radio
  • Fire alarm (when hurt)
  • Up to 10 seats!
  • Real life liveries
  • Make your own livery!



2️⃣ How to use:

  1. Spawn Jet Airliner in creative inventory or /summon dafa:jet_airliner.
  2. To ride, press the aircraft or click «Take Off» button.
  3. To fly, jump and look up.
  4. To land, look down.
  5. To exit, sneak.



The mod works on version 1.16.220 and higher.
How to install the mod can be found: HERE

✈️ Download mod: airliner.mcaddon (65 Загрузок)


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