Mod: 24 new zombies

The author of the Special Mobs mod has set his sights on a seemingly incredible thing for the Minecraft community. He set himself a tough goal — to add as many as 100 types of new mobs to the game. True, so far only 27 types are available, but in the future the assembly will be constantly updated and filled with content.


1️⃣ Zombie Plague
When attacking you it will give you instant poison


2️⃣ Hungry Zombie
It does more damage and it is faster


3️⃣ Zombie Brute
Does more damage


4️⃣ Fire Zombie
Does more damage


5️⃣ Spider Web


6️⃣ Spider Witch
Gives the effect of instant damage


7️⃣ Spider Pale
Gives a poison effect


8️⃣ Spider Mother
When he dies he drops his babies


9️⃣ Dirt Creepe
Hitting it generates dirt


🔟 Fire Creeper
Hitting it generates Fire


1️⃣1️⃣ Lightning Creeper
Generates lightning when approaching!


The mod works on version 1.17 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🐭 Download mod: special-mobsbp.mcpack (242 Загрузки)

🦊 Download texture: special-mobsrp.mcpack (164 Загрузки)

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