How install addons in Minecraft PE

Do you want to dilute your Minecraft game with cool mods, but don’t know how to install them? This guide is just for you!


1️⃣ First, select a addon:


2️⃣ Scroll down, look for «Download mod», click.
After a window appears, click «DOWNLOAD»


3️⃣ Go to «LOADS», select the mod.
In the window that appears, click «Startup in game»


4️⃣ Launch in Minecraft:


5️⃣ Create a new map.


6️⃣ Go to «Add-ons»
In the «Resource Packs» press «MY PACKS» and «ACTIVATE» the mod that you downloaded, we also do it in the «Behaviour Packs»


7️⃣ Go back to the «Game» and look for «Experiments«. We turn on all the checkboxes.


8️⃣ That’s all. Enjoy the work of the addon 😍


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