Mod: Time stop

Each of us, deep down, always wanted to be able to stop time. With the help of this ability, many interesting things could be done, but only criminal ones climb into the head. You can stop literally everything and do whatever you can think of.


1️⃣ Time Stop Crafting Recipe

2️⃣ Time Rusem



3️⃣ Time Stop Changes


4️⃣ TNT will not explode


5️⃣ Fire will not despawn or burn anything


6️⃣ Entities will stop moving
except for the ender dragon, he will move slowly.



The mod works on version 1.17 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🐭 Download mod: time-stop-addon-beh.mcaddon (2539 Загрузок)

🦊 Download texture: time-stop-addon-res.mcaddon (1304 Загрузки)

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