Mod: Super Powers

Mod Super Powers provide an opportunity to get a new super-power. Maybe you want to get big? Or invisible? It’s up to you to decide.



1️⃣ Crafting Base Gem:
First you need to create a base gem. After that, all other elements are created.




2️⃣  Crafting Lightning Gem:

  • Summons lightning




3️⃣ Crafting a Giant Gem:

  • Makes the player a giant




4️⃣  Crafting Gem of Flight:




5️⃣  Craft Gem Crumbs:

  • Makes a tiny man out of the player




6️⃣  Crafting gems for invisibility, super-jump, super-speed, and passing through obstacles:





The mod works on version 1.16.100 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🦄 Download mod: super_v1.mcaddon (124 Загрузки)

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