Mod: The TREE’S Filter

The TREE’S Filter mod  adds new blocks that will help you  quickly sort the mined trees, seedlings and other items that appear after deforestation in Minecraft. If you are tired of filtering or sorting items in your inventories or chests , then use this mod.



1️⃣ The  mod includes 27 types of new items in the game, which can be obtained in both creative and survival modes:

  • Sortable items:
    • Oak log, oak leaves, oak sapling
    • Dark oak log, dark oak leaves, dark oak sapling
    • Birch log, birch leaves, birch sapling
    • Tropical tree log, tropical tree leaves, tropical tree sapling
    • Spruce tree log, spruce leaves, spruce seedling
    • Acacia log, acacia leaves, acacia sapling
    • Distorted leg, fungus
    • Crimson leg, fungus
    • Hellish growth
    • Distorted Infernal Wart Block
    • Brown mushroom
    • Red mushroom
    • Mushroomlight



2️⃣  Crafting is the same for all sorters: only the top item is replaced :



3️⃣  Youcan use a conveyor and a loaded conveyor to move items :



4️⃣ Loaded  conveyor:

  • Charged conveyor gives electricity to all conveyors within a radius of 50 blocks
  • Craft: 1 redstone block and 4 conveyors
  • Redstone is used to turn it on and off .
  • Multiple charged conveyors will help speed up normal conveyors



5️⃣ Sorter  device:





The mod works on version 1.16.100 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🗿 Download mod: trees_filter.mcaddon (57 Загрузок)

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