Mod: The Seeds+

The Seeds+ mod  includes 8 new types of seeds that you can grow in your gardens. With this mod activity agriculture to be a pleasure.


1️⃣ Seeds
Now youwill have special plants growingin your gardens that are not intended to be used for making food, instead they give the player certain ores : coal, iron and even diamonds.


2️⃣ Each seed has 5 growth stages. After mining, you will receive at least one seed

  • There are two types of seeds available: earth seeds and stone seeds


3️⃣ Ground and Stone Seed:

  • Earth seed
    • Blessing of nature
    • Earthen nugget
    • Wheat seed
  • Stone seed
    • Blessing of nature
    • Stone nugget
    • You can craft other types of seeds



4️⃣  Iron, Gold, Coal, Emerald, Diamond, and Ice Seed:

  • Iron seed
    • Stone seed
    • Iron nugget
    • Iron essence
  • Golden seed
    • Stone seed
    • Golden Nugget
    • Golden essence
  • Coal seed
    • Stone seed
    • Coal nugget
    • Coal Essence
  • Emerald seed
    • Stone seed
    • Emerald nugget
    • Emerald Essence
  • Diamond seed
    • Stone seed
    • Diamond nugget
    • Diamond essence
  • Ice seed
    • Stone seed
    • Ice nugget
    • Ice Essence




5️⃣  Essence of Material:
An important element of the mod, which is crafted or obtained from mobs. Coal, earthen and stone essences are crafted in the workbench

Snow essence Snow Essence  — is obtained from a snow golem
Emerald Essence Emerald essence  — is obtained from robbers
Iron essenceDiamond essenceGolden essence Iron , diamond and gold essence  — is obtained from iron golems
Bloody Essence Blood essence  is obtained from spiders
Blood Blood  — is crafted from a blood essence



6️⃣ Essence  Ingots

Damaged soulPurified soul Damaged and Purified Soul Loot from zombies and purified with holy water. Do not yet have functionality
Holy water Holy water — a new potion used to purify holy water. Also, when drinking, the player will receive certain effects — both negative and positive

Blessing of nature Blessing of Nature  — obtained from creepers, withers, or gifts from cats



7️⃣ Obtaining shards:





The mod works on version 1.16.200 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find:  HERE 

🍎 Download mod: seeds-plus-bp-beta-v1_0_0.mcpack (16 Загрузок)

🥋 Download textures: seeds-plus-rp-beta-v1_0_0.mcpack (18 Загрузок)

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