Mod: Wolf Armor & Storage

Wolves are the best allies and helpers in the Minecraft world , but they don’t last long. Plus, they can’t wear things. To fix both problems at once, you can use the Wolf Armor & Storage mod. Now wolves will not only live longer, but also transport a lot of player’s belongings at a time.



1️⃣ How does it work?
First you need to tame an adult wolf.
Press the sneak button and aim at the wolf, after which the button will appear. After that, you can open the inventory



2️⃣ Food
Slot The third slot in the wolf’s inventoryis the food slot. Mushroom stew, beetroot soup and rabbit soup can be placed here. These items are rarely used in the game, so the author decided to give them a second life 



3️⃣ Health
indicator Now the health  indicator of the wolf above its head will change if it receives one or another effect


4️⃣ At a distance of three blocks above the wolves, their health and the amount of armor will always be shown


5️⃣ Obtaining armor
can be found in rare structures or use crafting. Repair and enchanting are also available



6️⃣ Wolf  Leather Armor:

  • Similar to regular leather armor
  • Can be painted
  • If you call the mob  juan , it will change color every second.
  • If the wolf is left in the rain, then after 14 seconds the color will disappear
  • Note that the color remains on the wolf, not on the armor
  • To paint, you need to press the paint button and use a dye
  • To clean, you need to press the swipe button and use a bucket of water



7️⃣  Gold, mail, iron, diamond, and netherite wolf armor:



8️⃣  If you put a chest on a wolf, you can carry up to 14 things at once





The mod works on version 1.16.200 and higher.
How to install the mod you can find: HERE 

🍎 Download mod: wolfarmorstoragebars2juaneitor.mcaddon (79 Загрузок)

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